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Dream Team App: Squall by spectral-zura Dream Team App: Squall by spectral-zura
App for DreamTeam-OCs 

used the light blue version of the app template

EDIT 12/27/16: Edited some sections, mainly her bio, powers, and odds and ends with wording.
EDIT 4/18/17: Updated with the new design and elaborated on her bio.


Name: Samantha Jeanne Falton
Nickname: Sam, Sammy
Age: 18
Birthday: May 17th, 1998
Astrological Sign: Taurus
Gender: Cisgender female, very liberal gender experience
Sexual Orientation: Panromantic pansexual
Sam was born to David "Hydra II" Falton and Violet Riley, who divorced when she was three. Sam has little memory of the turbulent incident, and cites her childhood with her father as being happy, if a bit lonely or awkward. Inheriting David's odd physical quirks, but not his metahuman powers, she was somewhere between a marvel and a black-sheep all through school, and had a hard time making friends. She paid her naysayers no mind, though, and lived an active and involved life with her friend, another metahuman named Cherry. One mystery always nagged at her, though: her father's sketchy source of income.

During the February of her senior year, in 2016, Sam was abducted by the Reach, along with hundreds of other children her age. To draw out her dormant metagene, Sam was brutally tortured, most often with electricity. She was deemed a promising case when her coloring warped and her body became immune to, and then dependent on, the electrical shocks. Intrigued, the Reach moved her to more intensive labs, and visited different forms of torture. This progressed for five months until late June, when the Team finally evacuated the lab and found Sam and a few other surviving subjects. When Sam awoke in the hospital, she showed obvious signs of electrokinesis, and was recommended towards STAR Labs. However, Sam was deeply traumatized and near-hysterical--especially after catching wind that all the other subjects from the same lab as hers were comatose, or had died after being saved. She refused to consent to being examined by STAR and returned home with David, Violet, and her stepfather Cole.

She experienced abnormal growing pains for months, usually wrought by depressive episodes, until her powers eventually surfaced full-force in September. She timidly began to practice with them until noticed by the Flash, who put a word in with Black Canary and offered Sam a spot on the Team. The invitation put Sam's father on edge and, fearing that Sam would find out about his assassin work, discouraged her from going. Sam disagreed. She didn't see herself as having any other option, and felt that she could drive away her fear that she could have saved her fellow subjects if she used her powers to do good. She joined the Team, now christened the Teen Titans, in early November.

Sam was at first very quiet and hollow, as she still felt the effects of being a Reach captive and was still not quick to make friends. Eventually, she did bond with her Teammates, most notably a series of younger teen girls with more noticeable personalities. To boot, she also met Extend, an Exiary representative doing mitigation work for the Reach. Though naturally on guard because of Extend's profession, Sam was more receptive to Extend's pleas that he was on Earth's side than her teammates were. They eventually struck up conversation, which became friendship, which became light flirting and a feeling that Sam had found someone to spend the rest of her life with. Though her powers still irked her, and she suffered severely from PTSD, she felt on the road to recovery for the first time in a while.

Then came the solution to her father's "job mystery". David had been putting the word out in the supervillain scene as Hydra II that his daughter was not to be approached, but that couldn't protect Sam from learning the truth on a mission in Vladivostok. Sam immediately recognized David's appearance and biosignature, and wasted no time demanding an explanation. The stress of the mission, and of learning of her father's lifelong lies to her, triggered a latent power-- her black-electricity bioform. Unable to contain herself, Sam accidentally absorbed the electrical forces of everyone around her, teammates and her father included, to a near-lethal extent before her fellow electrokinetic Killowat could stop her. Devastated to learn what she had done, Sam confined herself to her room and refused to use her powers again.

With help from Extend, Black Canary, and her Team friends, Sam reluctantly jumped back into the game, and soon met Cameron Mahkent in Belle Reve. Cameron and his friends were a sobering example of other teens with super-assassin parents, and it made Sam realize that she was immensely lucky to have been protected by her father in her childhood. Though still not beyond mission-to-mission bantering terms with David, their family relationship is slowly rebuilding anew.

About Her

Personality: Sam's true personality is a bit difficult to decipher, because she is very good at adapting her behavior to fit different situations. Around her family and friends, Sam is known to be quiet unless acknowledged, but attentive and sweet when such traits are called for. She is somewhat opinionated and prone to snark or quick wit, which she has no qualms using to protect the dignity of herself or her loved ones.

Though Sam is prone to putting up a fearless, laid-back air, there are times when one can see her underlying self-hatred and unease, usually in the form of self-deprecating humor or refusal to interact/try things at certain times. Though she will use her ghoulish appearance to her advantage at times, and eventually grows into it, she is presently self-conscious of how intimidating she may look.

When Sam is angry, she is at her most selfish, and most terrifying. Though not easy to provoke, if allowed time and huge amounts of stress, Sam will act with extreme, almost savage, levels of violence. She is unforgiving and hostile around people that have upset her in a some way, and is not above petty revenge. She's very big on "treat others the way they treat you", rather than "treat others the way you want to be treated".
Occupation: Salaried/public hero
- Horror movies and black comedy
- Warm weather
- Free time, especially spent with friends
- Having a sense of emotional/physical balance

- Her self-image
- Country music
- Cold or cramped spaces

Hobbies: Blogging/websurfing, movies, collecting and mixing music, socializing and reading to a point
Fears: Cramped spaces, red lights, hurting her companions, people seeing her as weak
Talents: Adapting behavior, explaining clearly, coming up with comebacks quickly, sensing when loved ones are upset


Height: 6'0"
Skin Tone: Alice blue
Eyes Description: Cyan, black sclera, slitted pupils
Hair Description:
Color: Ghost white
Length: Mid-thigh
Style/Texture: Shaggy and very thick, unkempt besides a part to the left


Father: David Falton/Hydra II
Mother: Violet Riley
Siblings: None
Best Friends: Cherry Hurst, Ni'a Eu'onn, Nuriyah Basir, Ryder Cunningham, Cameron Mahkent
Friends: Virgil Hawkins, Clare Evans, Ayasha Suagee, Cassie Sandsmark, Wyatt Moore
Love Interest: Extend

Hero Information

Code Name: Squall
Place of Origin: Central City
Residence: Team base, wherever that happens to be at the moment
Affiliations: Justice League, Teen Titans
Powers and Abilities: Absorbs different forms of energy and converts it to electricity for attacks and self-sustenance. Perceives energy presences, most strongly electrical, including bioelectrical auras. Able to manifest into an entirely electrical form, with which she can travel power lines, fly, and achieve invulnerability.
Weapons: Powers. Carries power-nulling patches for when she is in contact with water.

Extra Information

Quotes: "So you tell me that's that, before I beat the hell from you."
Theme Song: Dirty Pretty by In This Moment
Food: McDonald's fries
Drink: Pepsi
Color: Black
Animal: Stingray
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VortexNebula13 Featured By Owner Apr 18, 2017  Hobbyist General Artist
i love the white hair now. makes her stand out more as a electrokinetic being^^
WrittenInTheRoses Featured By Owner Dec 30, 2016  Student Writer
Her design is so frigging wicked, I really like her hair since it looks like you could hug it...(and get shocked. xD) and of course, it's fluffy. Her jacket is another one of my favorite things of her design, it makes her look so cool. Asuna (Smile 1) [V1] 
pumpkincookie Featured By Owner Dec 27, 2016  Student Traditional Artist
Her design is honestly so gorgeous, and this info ahhhhhh ;A; I love her quote and her powers are awesome!!
spectral-zura Featured By Owner Dec 27, 2016  Hobbyist Digital Artist
;w; Naaaaaahhh, thank you!! I pay this beeb a hell of a lot of attention so it's flattering when others do too, if that makes any sense. ^o^
pumpkincookie Featured By Owner Dec 27, 2016  Student Traditional Artist
Welcome lovely!! Well she's so freaking cool-looking and oH MY GOD HER INFOS AWESOME!!
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Awe her back story is so sad ; 3 ; The poor bae *lotta hugs*
spectral-zura Featured By Owner Dec 10, 2016  Hobbyist Digital Artist
Yeah, Sammy's one of the characters of mine who can't seem to catch a break. ; ; Poor bby. ♥
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